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Process Safety




The process industry requires solutions offering maximum safety and maximum availability. With more than 35,000 solutions supplied to date worldwide, installed more safety systems in the global processing industry than any other safety systems manufacturer.


High-availability solutions for ESD, BCS, F&G, HIPPS and Turbo machinery applications guarantee not only safety and uninterrupted operation, they can also be integrated easily into all common DCS.


We work with our clients to ensure that every aspect of the safety life cycle is taken into account, and that safety is given neither too little nor too much consideration. Practically focused safety consulting provides the basis for efficient solutions which help our clients to fulfil their legal, financial and moral responsibilities.


Our customers are active in every field in the process industry, such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, power generation and pharmaceuticals.















Safety is always an individual matter, just like our solutions for applications such as:

Steam crackers

Polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC production plants

Fertiliser plants

Onshore and offshore facilities and platforms


Tank farms and gas storage facilities

Loading stations


Burner and combustion plants

Turbines and compressors

Batch processes





Meets all safety requirements according to international norms and standards

From consulting through basic engineering, procurement, engineering, programming, mounting, commissioning and after-sales services

Maximum safety and maximum profitability through optimized use of devices and components








Comprehensive solution for burner safety and boiler protection




 TMC solutions include standardised and tested function blocks, which can also be easily adjusted. TMC also features solutions for visualisation (Human Machine Interface HMI), on-site operation and sequence of events recording.

Complete solution comprising hardware, software and services

All TMC functions in one system

Integrated overspeed trip (OST)

No interface problems, lower investment costs

More transparency, more diagnostic functions

Optimal investment securit

Nonstop operation over the entire lifecycle of your equipment



Pipeline Management

& Control Solutions



PMC covers the whole range of pipeline solutions - beginning from control system deliveries, through sophisticated leak detection and location solutions up to complex pipeline management systems and turnkey solutions.


We converted our experience into the state-of-the-art pipeline integrity monitoring software ensuring excellent performance & long term stability.



The most advanced pipeline integrity monitoring software LDS



Superior software for pipeline integrity and operation management for both liquid and gas pipelines. It provides pipeline operators with reliable data about any product release or abnormal pressure deviation and thus improves pipeline safety. Excellent performance has been proven in more than 200 real field tests.




Excellent performance in steady state and transient condition

Compliant to the latest standards and in line with best business practice

Continuous coverage during instrument drop out

No false alarms

Unique three models calculations for RTTM method

Long term stability & minimum maintenance

Maximum operating pressure monitoring

Appropriate for long as well as for short pipelines




Leak detection compliant with API, TRFL

Compensated volume balance

Real time model

Pressure wave

Pressure drop

Leak location

Batch &pig tracking

Composition tracking

Alarm management


Data analysis

Third party connection

Flexible configuration

Client – server architecture


Operational related benefits:


 Fast deployment time

Additional services

Advanced performance estimation

Existing infrastructure analysis

On-line and off-line support



FIRE & GAS Detectors




Safety products including flame detectors, combustible gas detectors, toxic gas detectors, IR detectors and associated accessories.  We also provide complete turnkey fire and gas control systems for industrial safety.  Safety designs, manufactures and commissions the system that best meets the customer’s specifications. On-going field support and customer service maintain the protection of lives and infrastructure in hazardous environments.



Our line of industry-leading products, services and systems benefits society, saves lives and preserves capital resource  full line of flame detectors and gas detectors carries compliance certifications from a variety of industry certification agencies



Flame Detectors offers customers a variety of detection technologies that are real solutions to their flame detection applications. Every flame detector  provides reliable service and long lasting field performance in the harshest of environments, all at the industry’s best pricing. While in operation, the full line of flame detectors provide operation status information outputs to the monitoring and alarm systems they are connected to. Upon detection of a flame or fire event, the flame detectors transfer an alarm signal to the Multi-Channel Controller, or to any other analog/digital signal control device, so that alarms can be sent to emergency response systems such as warning systems, automatic ventilation systems, sprinkler and deluge systems, and facility shutdown controls.


• Power consumption of <3W means low power costs, protection against surges

• Digital, analog and relay outputs for reliable status information across a range of communication formats

• Power-on self-test and frequent sensor self-test ensure system integrity and correct operation

• Continuous monitoring of optical path for obstruction or reduced transmission

• Industry standard for remote alarm and fault indication ensures reliability and consistency

• Tri-color status LED for easy viewing of operating status

• Explosion-proof package for operation in hazardous environments





Toxic Gas Detector is designed to safely detect and monitor a variety of toxic gases in the air, including hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, chlorine, nitric oxide, and sulfur dioxide, over a range of 0-100 ppm. By connecting the sensor to the transmitter, the SSS-903 is programmed to automatically recognize a sensor’s gas type and gas concentration required for calibration. This eliminates the need of operator programming in replacing a sensor or changing gas types.


• Remote sensor option allows the user to either connect the SSS-903 up to 500 feet away or install the unit at the site of the potential hazard



• Easy to configure and calibrate



• Analog, Digital, and Relay outputs allow communication across a wide range of formats


• LCD 96 character display for easy viewing of the device’s status







Combustible Gas Detectors


Open Path Gas Detector is an open path infrared gas detection system that provides continuous monitoring of combustible hydrocarbon gas concentrations at a distance of 5 to 200 meters. Standard system outputs include an electrically isolated/non-isolated 4-20 mA DC current output, with HART and RS-485 MODBUS communication. Alarm and fault relays are available as an option.


TGA Gas Detector delivers superior open path combustible gas detection for protection of oil/gas and other industrial facilities. The Gas Detection system is especially useful for perimeter monitoring and applications where combustible gas/vapor leaks can happen over a widely dispersed area.


• 5-200 meters separation distance


• Detect methane and most hydrocarbon gases including ethane, propane, butane and propylene


• Low power consumption


• Analog, relay and digital outputs


• Resistance to fog and high humidity


• Wide range of operating temperature


• Equal sensitivity to main hydrocarbons


• High sensitivity and longevity over 10 years


• Protection from direct contact with contaminants


• Stainless steel construction



Optical Gas Detector



Gas Detector monitors concentration of hydrocarbon gases in the environment,configure to report alarms when the gas concentrations in the environment reach each of three independently programmable levels, expressed as a percentage of the lower explosive limit (LEL) in the air. As determined by application requirements, factory calibrated with one of eight hydrocarbon-based gases (typically methane or propane). Conversion factors are used to correct for gases other than the factory calibration gas.  The optical (IR) Sensor is not dependent on the presence of oxygen in a mixture of gases and therefore can function effectively in environments where the other sensor technologies cannot.



• Low power  operation for cost savings

• Industry standard digital, analog, and relay outputs for remote alarm and fault indications

• Operates effectively in fog and high humidity

• Wide operating temperature range provides flexibility and reliability

• Open path optical sensor – no physical contact between sensor and environment

• IR optical path obstruction monitoring (dust, paint, etc.) provides maintenance alerts

• Excellent operating temperature range




Multi-Channel Controller


Multi-Channel Controller offers maximum flexibility to users as a standalone, independent control system that can also be interfaced to a PLC or DCS system. This advanced microprocessor-based monitoring system is compatible with all flame-detection and gas-sensor products . Utilizing the analog outputs, 16 detectors and sensors can operate in any combination.  Utilizing the digital outputs, 480 detectors and sensors can operate in any combination. Can be used at any facility for monitoring and detecting gas concentrations and flame and fire conditions. After being programmed with the desired thresholds, the system will transmit light (LED) and sound alarms as well as signals to responding devices, such as warning systems, automatic sprinkler systems, ventilation systems, and emergency shutdown controls.




• Programmable alarm relays, providing broad notification capability


• Digital (when connected to an RS-485 interface), analog and relay outputs provide reliable status information across a range of formats


• Modular measurement unit (3Ux19”) is compatible with industry standard size rack or standalone installation


• Integrated two (2) line LED display for gas concentration


• High maximum lengths of communication line for long-distance notifications: via 4-20 mA analog, up to 3937 feet (1200m); via RS-485, up to 16,400 feet (5000m)


• High-level audible alert


Test Lamp


 Test Lamp to help with the functional testing of  Flame detectors without removing them from the application. The Test Lamp generates directed modulated radiation with sufficient intensity to signal a flame or fire response on detectors. A flame or fire response is indicated by a continuous LED on our detectors.




• Explosion proof mark 2ExeibIIBT4 X

• Lightweight

• Portable

• Easy to use














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