Solid State Relays are the standard in switching technology due to their high switching frequency, resistance to shock and vibration and superior lifetime

Eurotherm Logic Power Controllers drive resistive heating elements from a few watts up to hundreds of kW


Easy to integrate and commission, yet highly cost effective, the EFit power controller provides no compromise control for resistive and infrared heating elements

EPack is a compact fully featured power controller a high level of functionality and configurability with simplicity of setup and operation




For the control of electrical heating or other switching applications, here you will find a range of Solid State Relays (SSR) and Power Controller assemblies to suit every need:


◾Constant load


◾Variable resistance


◾Inductive load


◾Transformer coupled


◾Single Phase


◾Three Phase


◾Multi Phase


◾Application specific units can range up to several thousand amps with external driver options


◾Save energy costs by using the Predictive Load Management feature on our latest, most flexible power controller - EPower™



Choice of optimum firing mode


Thyristors can deliver power in long or short bursts - even down to one cycle of the supply voltage - in order to precisely control the load and match heater requirement exactly.


Alternatively, phase angle firing is more traditionally used for inductive or transformer coupled loads or applications where current limiting is required. This tight control of delivered power gives accurate control which results in improved product quality. Additionally, the thyristor's ability to switch rapidly reduces the thermo-mechanical stresses on the heater elements resulting in less downtime, lower maintenance costs and better ageing of the load.


Digital communications


Many of the power controllers support digital communications. Adding digital communications to thyristor units introduces further sophistication into process management. This enables digital accuracy in downloading setpoints, complete diagnostics of the load and is ideal for large, multi-zone installations.


The need for calibration of analog signals is eliminated and wiring is reduced since only a single digital link is needed to connect all zones to a central programmer. Digital communications also enables logging of process parameters, energy consumption, abnormal conditions, faults and alarms.


The EPower controller uses the newest technologies and innovations to manage your process and reduce your energy costs

Eurotherm power controllers drive complex and transformer coupled loads and take inputs from discrete controllers and plcs





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