Safety Engineering Services for Automation Users


Engineers who are responsible for implementing automation solutions are often placed in a difficult position. There are an ever increasing number of demands placed on staff that is continually shrinking. New and complex standards are continually developed, placing unfamiliar requirements on the task of automation engineering. This environment requires the effective outsourcing of non-core activities and effective use of standardized solutions to facilitate the project implementation..


For safety and high availability systems, this task is particularly difficult. Because safety systems are so critical, recognized and accepted standards should be applied to their design to ensure the safety of your staff and your profits. This requires a specialized skill set that is not available in all organizations.


exida makes implementation of safety and high availability automation products easier and more cost effective than ever. Users now have the ability to use procedures and tools that were written by industry authorities for a fraction of the cost of having them internally developed, and without having to go through the effort of having core staff trained to become safety and reliability experts. This lets you and your staff focus on your core tasks.





Services Include:


CHAZOP Studies


Consequence Analysis / Facility Siting




FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)


Functional Proof Testing


Functional Safety Assessments (FSA)


Functional Safety Management (FSM)




Modifications and Decommissioning


Operations and Maintenance


Partial Valve Stroke Testing


Procedural Gap Assessment


Proven in Use Data


Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Design


Safety Lifecycle: (SLC)


Safety Requirement Specification (SRS)


SIL Determination


SIL Selection


SIL Verification


SIS Software Design


Validation/PSAT (Pre Start up Acceptance Test)




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